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кинолаборатория на колёсах / cinelaboratory on the wheels

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Сinelaboratory on the wheels
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The Cine-train is a unique working method, invented by Soviet documentary film-makers in the early 1930’s. Film crews were traveling through Soviet Union by the train with specially equipped wagons. Everything they needed for film-making was at their disposal. They were shooting reports, chronics, documentaries and were projecting them all over the country.

Today, new digital technologies make it easier to set up once again this experience.
The “Cine-laboratory on wheels Moviement” is an international workshop for young cinematographers that will take place along the 9302 Km of the mythic Tran Siberian railroad track, from Europe to Asia. During this two weeks adventure, the participants will have the opportunity to experience long train travel, to visit different cities and finally arrive to Vladivostok, on the shore of the Pacific Ocean. Trough the whole trip, the participants will be organized into film cre1ws and will shoot and edit films in a “Road movie” genre, on the theme: “How can we define the European border?”

Social capital

  • less than 10